North Carolina Local Heroes Program

The Buyer Agency is proud to be a Preferred Realtor with the North Carolina Local Heroes Program. We are honoring our Local Heroes by offering a 25% Realtor Commission Rebate at Closing to help our Local Heroes to Purchase a Home. The Local Heroes will get approved with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc to get additional savings on Zero Bank Fees of the following:

  • Free and Fast Pre Approval
  • Zero origination fee
  • Application Fee Waived
  • Processing Fee Waived
  • Underwriting Fee Waived
  • Credit Report Fee Waived

Local Heroes include:

  • Teachers and School Staff
  • University & College Faculty and Staff
  • Firefighters
  • Law Enforcement/911 Operators & Public Safety/School Officers
  • Medical personnel (EMS & Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Chiropractors & Administrators and Support Staff in the medical field)
  • Military (Active duty)
  • Military Veterans
  • Government (City, County, State and Federal)
  • Non-Profit Organization employees that serve our local communities

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We Appreciate You and Look Forward to helping your dreams come true!


*****You must contact the buyer agency on this site, by text, by email, or lender referral. If you go through, any other site to find The Buyer Agency we can only offer a $250 closing cost rebate.*****