$30,000 in down payment assistance

Get up to $30,000 in down payment assistance 

  • Are you interested in purchasing a home in North Carolina
  • DO you have a 640 middle score
  • 8 hr home buying required class(we will get you connected)
  • Debt at or below 43%(ask for details)
  • Total Income must be at 80% or below median income(ask for details)
  • Potentially eligible borrowers must contact a CPLP member to establish an agreed upon home ownership readiness plan for education and counseling before signing a sales contract on a property.
  • Get Up to 20% of the purchase price, not to exceed $30,000, when combined with a NC Home Advantage Mortgage.
  • Get Up to 10% of the purchase price when combined with a USDA’s Section 502 loan.
  • It can be combined with a Mortgage Credit Certificate as well as with other down payment assistance loans or grants.
  •  You are purchasing a newly constructed or an existing (less than 10 years old) home, below the sales price limit for your county.
  • CPLP assistance is a 0% interest, deferred, second mortgage. It has no monthly payment and is repaid when the home is sold or at the end of the loan term of the first mortgage.

We have Approved Lenders, waiting to qualify you for this Wonderful Program.